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How does the diode laser work?


The diode laser, unlike IPL and SHR, uses focused light, specifically laser light. The laser operates at a wavelength of 808nm, which is why it’s often referred to as the 808 laser. Due to the characteristics of this technology, the diode laser allows for the treatment of each individual hair root precisely. It’s a very gentle and low-risk treatment method that we can use to free you from unwanted hair growth in Karlsruhe.

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Mode of action of the laser during hair removal

Approach in laser treatment

The hair growth is driven by the protein in the hair roots. The diode laser destroys those protein molecules of the hair root, so that the necessary nutrients for hair growth can no longer be formed. This is the underlying principle of all permanent* hair removal methods with laser.

The specific wavelength of the light waves of the diode laser is 808 nm and is therefore optimally suitable for the gentle transferring the laser energy into the hair roots. There the laser energy is converted into heat. The treatment is done by moving the handpiece over the body. Whereas the laser emits its bundled light waves.

The diode laser has another advantage: the laser energy only affects areas of the skin where hair papillae are located. The surrounding skin areas and tissue and also the haemoglobin in the blood is not affected.

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Effects of the Hair Growth Cycle on Laser Hair Removal

The hair growth cycle plays a crucial role in laser hair removal. The effectiveness of the treatment largely depends on the hair’s growth phase. As hairs are in different stages of the growth cycle, the application of the laser is most effective when the hairs are in the active growth phase.

Therefore, it’s important to consider the hair cycles when scheduling appointments. Our experts at the Karlsruhe Institute can explain to you in the free consultation how to maintain the optimal intervals between treatments to achieve the best results.

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Before & after the Laser Treatment

Prepa­ration for the Laser Treatment

You can prepare yourself for the treatment as follows: The body region should be no longer treated with epilation, waxing or sugaring, since an active connection of hair and hair root is necessary. Shaving on the day before the treatment, however, is recommended.

In general pigmentations of the skin can not be treated and are covered by us with opaque paper. Similarly with tattooed areas.

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Care Instruc­tions after the Diode Laser Treatment

The slight redness that can occur due to the generated heat usually disappears on its own within a few days and is completely harmless. If they unexpectedly persist for a longer period, we recommend that you get in touch with us to possibly arrange a follow-up appointment. This also applies if you are unsure whether the redness is “normal” or not. To ensure optimal recovery of the skin after the treatment, it’s advisable to avoid sunbathing and visits to tanning beds. This supports the natural regeneration of your skin and contributes to you enjoying the best results of the treatment soon again.


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