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What is SHR hair removal?

Modern hair removal in Karlsruhe

The Super Hair Removal or SHR method is considered one of the most innovative technologies of permanent* hair removal and thus identifies a method and not a specific brand or product.

Technical basics of the SHR hair removal method

This technology works with unbundled light in contrast to classic laser technologies. As a result, it is possible to treat a similarly large area of the body with a single light pulse. The devices we use usually work with a wavelength of 690 nm. Special anti-reflective sapphire crystal, which is mounted on the applicator makes the SHR hair removal extremely skin-friendly. High infrared light areas are filtered out by a water filter to avoid strong heating. The risk of combustion is minimised by this technique.

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How does the SHR treatment proceed?


The procedure is fundamentally different from the IPL method. By constantly moving the applicator, it glides over the skin area to be treated. This ensures a uniform heating to a temperature of up to 45° Celsius. This process is gentle on the skin and carries only a low risk of skin irritation, at the same time significantly less energy is required. This method of permanent* hair removal is not only completely painless, but is even pleasant and relaxing due to the slight heating. The technology is based on the permanent* destruction of proteins, which results in a lifetime of hair freedom.


An additional difference compared to IPL laser technology is the transmission of light. With SHR hair removal, only half of this is done via the melanin contained in the skin, which makes the treatment even more skin-friendly. The light impulses are absorbed by the stem cells and converted into thermal energy there. As a result, the hair root no longer receives nutrients and is permanently destroyed. During the SHR treatment, the laser therapist applies the applicator evenly over the body zone to heat hair, skin and stem cells evenly to 45° Celsius.

Hair growing cylcle to be considered

A prerequisite for the successful and effective destruction of stem cells is an active connection of hair and hair root. It is only present in the anagen phase. Only in this state can the hair transmit the energy of light to the hair root and stem cells. The heating denatures the protein of the stem cells. The resulting lack of nutrient supply causes the hair to fall out.

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Impor­tant to note for SHR hair removal in Karlsruhe

It is recommended to shave the hair on the day before the treatment, this way the skin can recover. However, epilation, waxing or sugaring should be avoided 4 weeks before the start of the treatment. Since those methods of temporary hair removal remove the hair root, the energy of the light cannot be optimally transmitted into the depth. Since hair is only every 4 weeks in the anagen-phase, it is absolutely necessary to follow the treatment cycles of 4 weeks.

Exceptions of SHR hair removal

Skin areas which are tattooed, cannot be treated. The risk of the colour pigments reacting to the light impulses is possible and can affect the health of the customer. For this reason, such areas are carefully covered.

It is similar with skin pigments such as moles. As these contain more melanin, special caution is required. Therefore we cover such areas with light-repelling cloths and do not treat them.


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