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Competent service and high safety standards for hair removal by laser in Karlsruhe.

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ND:YAG laser functioning

Permanent laser hair removal in Karlsruhe

Latest technology in the field of laser technology makes a permanent* hair removal possible. The removal with light has proven to be the most effective way of getting rid of annoying hair over the time.

The bundled light transmits the light impulses to the hair root and releases thermal energy there. Due to the release, the hair root is impaired to the extent that it can no longer produce any nutrients, meaning that the hair can no longer grow.

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Tech­nical details of the ND:YAG-laser

The YAG laser in Karlsruhe is a so-called solid-state laser. It emits high-energy light impulses which have a fixed wavelength of 1064 nm.

The laser technology allows a selective effect of the light waves on different colour types of the skin. Surrounding tissue or blood vessels are not damaged as the wavelength is optimized for the melanin of the hair.

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Operating prin­ciple during laser hair removal

The laser beams hit the skin surface and are absorbed by the melanin. Which is increasingly contained in the hair and passes the light impulses to the hair root. There the light energy is converted into warmth and destroys the hair follicle. Therefore new hair cannot be regenerated.

Special fea­tures laser hair removal with the YAG-laser

With this modern technology, especially dark skin types can be optimally treated. Since the hair of darker skin those are usually much stronger and darker they often sit a little deeper in the skin. The YAG-laser however conducts the energy deep enough into the skin.

Hair cycle and the YAG-laser

The life cycle of a hair is divided into three phases: growth phase, transition phase and inactive phase. Only hairs which are in the growth phase (anagen phase) can be treated successfully, because only this way the connection between hair and hair root is available. However only 10-20% of all hairs are in the growth phase. This is the reason why several treatments are necessary about every 4 weeks.

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Treatment process for ND:YAG laser hair removal in Karlsruhe

At our modern institute in Karlsruhe, we use the laser handpiece, which glides gently over the skin and delivers targeted laser pulses. During this process, customers may feel a slight tingling sensation, which is part of the procedure. After the laser treatment, there may be some mild redness, which usually disappears within 2-3 days. In case the redness persists or worsens, we are available for follow-up appointments to ensure that your skin is recovering optimally.


Intensive sun ex­posure and pre­pa­ration for the treat­ment

Since the dye melanin reacts to the laser energy, it is recommended to avoid intense sunlight, so that there is as little as possible melanin in the skin. Thererfore, it is advised to avoid going to the solarium and reduce sunbathing to a minimum before the treatment.

The skin should be shaved on the day before the treatment, to give the skin optimal preparation.


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