We can offer you every common permanent* hair removal technology and therefore can find the best suitable for you.

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Which techno­logy for perma­nent* hair removal should it be?

Hair removal with light is very different. Depending on the hair and skin type a specific technology can be the best for your individual needs. Generally a distinction is made between the technologies with scattered light and bundled light. Get to know every particularities in the following about the several hair removal methods with light.

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Our ground-breaking XENOgel® Techno­logy

Are you annoyed by daily shaving? With our permanent* hair removal, we can free you from this burden and remove unwanted body hair effectively on every desired body region.

The XENOgel® Techno­logy: modern and perma­nent* hair removal

The best of two individually good technologies: XENOgel® Technology combines the the positive properties of most modern photoepilation technology with a specially developed crystal gel.

The basis for a successful treatment is the dye Melanin, which is contained in our hair. Through this, the light pulses are passed through the hair into the hair root. The light releases its energy in the form of heat and denatures the stem cells of the hair root. Consequently, its nutrient supply stops and the hair cannot regrow. The effect is reinforced by the crystal gel and at the same time the surrounding skin is cooled, so the treatment is very comfortable.

The bene­fits of the XENOgel® Techno­logy

With the XENOgel® method it is easily possible to remove unwanted hair sustainably and effectively. The treatment is completely painless and even sensitive areas can be easily treated.

Character­istics of the XENOgel® Techno­logy

The treatment of red and very light hair is problematic for most technologies. The XENOgel® Technology enables an effective treatment of those hair colours.


In order to achieve the best possible result, we recommend removing body hair by shaving on the day before the treatment. However, waxing, sugaring and epilation should be avoided at least 4 weeks before the start of the treatment, otherwise there will be no intact connection between the hair and the hair root. Therefore a treatment in this area cannot take place.

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The IPL method, a renowned techno­logy

The IPL technique is widely used and enjoys a good reputation among laser therapists. The professionals of hair removal also offer you this procedure.

Perma­nent* hair removal with IPL

A permanent* hair-free body with pure light? Thanks to the IPL technique this is possible. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. Therefore, the IPL technology is not part of a classic laser method.

Bene­fits of an IPL treat­ment

Since different light spectra are used in the IPL technique, it is possible to treat larger areas of skin than with other comparable technologies. Therefore, you can save money and time. Further, the device can be adjusted by the customization options individually to different customers.

Character­istics of the IPL treat­ment

Very light or gray hair is problematic for this kind of treatment, because the necessary melanin to transmit the light is lacking. Optimal results can be achieved for persons with dark hair and light skin.


You should follow the same tips as for all other methods of permanent* hair removal by laser or light. This includes shaving the body area on the day before the treatment. Waxing, epilation or sugaring should be avoided at least 3-4 weeks before the start of the treatment, to ensure an active connection between the hair and hair root.

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The efficient SHR techno­logy

The most advanced of all depilation methods combines aspects of IPL laser treatment and the latest findings of durable and gentle hair removal.

Perma­nent* hair removal with SHR technology

The abbreviation SHR stands for “Super Hair Removal” and is the starting point of a new area of hair removal technology. It does not work any longer wit bundled laser light, such as the diode or alexandrite laser, but with unbundled light. Additionally the applicator is equipped with an anti-glare sapphire glass. This filters out the infrared areas of the light.

Benefits of perma­nent* hair removal with SHR

The SHR method only requires about 50% of the energy, which comparable methods require. The innovation consists in the transmission of light energy not only by the melanin of the hair but also by the stem cells of the hair. These are responsible for the nutrition of the hair.

Character­istics of SHR treat­ment

The treatment of tattooed body parts is not possible with this technology. A reaction of the colour pigments by the effect of the heat is not excluded. Therefore such areas are skipped or covered during the treatment.


The epilation (as well as sugaring, waxing) of the areas should be completed at least 4 weeks before the start of the treatment to ensure and intact connection between the hair and the hair root.

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DIODE LASER bundled light as basis

You can also be treated with proven laser technology at our medical institute. One technology we offer is the diode laser.

The diode laser for perma­nent* hair removal

In addition to other numerous methods of permanent* hair removal, we also offer you the diode laser 808, a classic type of laser hair removal, which works with the wavelength of 808 nm.

Benefits of the treat­ment with the diode laser

The diode laser makes a targeted treatment of individual hairs possible and is therefore perfect for treating beard contours or the neck. The laser impulse heats the hair follicle up to 72° Celsius and destroys it sustainably.

Character­istics of the treat­ment with the diode laser

Due to the special wavelength of 808 nm, the light unfolds its effect exactly where it is needed – at the hair root – and those not affect other areas of skin.


Shave the area on the day before the treatment, therefore the skin has some time to recover before starting the treatment, making the treatment more effective and skin-friendly.

Alexandrite laser illustration

Bundled light with the ALEXANDRITE LASER

The alexandrite laser belongs to the classic laser depilation methods. It is one of three laser techniques that we offer in our medical institute for permanent* hair removal.

The alexandrite laser for perma­nent* hair removal

The laser depilation methods works with a wavelength of 755 nm and is therefore able to remove specific individual hair permanently*.

Benefits of the treat­ment with the alexandrite laser

The alexandrite laser is not only suitable for removing hair permanently* but is also used to the removal of tattoos. Additionally, it is used for treating pigmentary disorders.

Character­istics of the treat­ment with the alexandrite laser

The duration of each treatment session depends on the body area and can vary widely. Compared to other technologies, the alexandrite laser is also able to successfully treat bright and reddish hair.


If you remove your hair by waxing, sugaring or epilation, you have to stop those treatments no later than 3-4 weeks before the start of the treatment. We recommend shaving the area on the day before the treatment.

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The ND:YAG-LASER | an advanced laser techno­logy

Bundled light is the basis of this advanced technology.

Permanent* hair removal with the YAG laser

Permanent* hair removal can be done in many different ways. The ND:YAG laser is one option. The abbreviation stands for neodymium-yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser. It works with an exact wavelength of 1064 nm, because the melanin contained in the hair is particularly responsive to these.

Character­istics of the treat­ment with the YAG laser

The in the laser existing Q-switch protects the skin during the treatment especially. Due to the specific wavelength this technology is particularly well suited for permanent* hair removal for people with darker skin types.


You should shave the areas of the skin that are to be treated before the treatment, so that the skin can calm down and avoid irritation.

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illustration needle epilation


Unlike our photoepilation procedures, needle epilation does not work with light, but with a fine and sterile needle.


Needle or electroepilation has the advantage that any hair colour can be treated optimally. Thus, even light, red and white hair colours do not pose any difficulties.


Unlike the photoepilation technologies, in the case of electroepilation the hair should have a length of about 2 to 3mm and therefore should not be shaved.

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