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Comparison of the different methods of PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL

The “laser hair removal” generally means the removal of hair with the help of light, which includes a treatment with cold and bundled light. A treatment for the permanent reduction of the hair growth is also called photoepliaton.

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The protein contained in the hair roots is specifically denatured by the warmth. Consequently the cell can’t regenerate and no longer produce new hair. The result is the permanent hair removal. The XENOgel method uses the already described SHR principle and combines its advantages with a skin-friendly crystal gel. This leads to an improvement of the light effect of the SHR device and simultaneously cools the skin. With this a maximum temperature of 45° Celsius is reached, which leads to a significant protection of the skin. The light can reach the hair root optimally. Less skin irritations and a better feeling – XENOgel.

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The technology IPL uses light impulses, which follow each other very shortly. These have a duration of 2 to 300 milliseconds. With this process energy between 12 and 120 joules per cm² is released. The melanin inside the hair transmits the energy of the light to the hair roots. This energy is converted into warmth inside the hair roots, where temperatures between 65 and 72° Celsius are produced. Other cells within the skin also contain this dye. Those can absorb this energy and can sometimes lead to redness or swelling of the skin. As a supplier of all technologies, we of course offer the IPL technology, but we recommend the more gentle XENOgel method.

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The SHR technology has a different approach than the IPL method. The melanin only serves to 50% as the energy conductor. This technique also affects the stem cells of the hair, which are responsible for the hair growth itself. This is the significant difference between the IPL method, which uses its way only via the melanin. By dividing the energy, it is possible to work with far less energy, which leads to a significant improvement of the skin. Another important factor when using less energy is the painless treatment.

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