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The “laser hair removal” generally means the removal of hair with the help of light, which includes a treatment with cold and bundled light. A treatment for the permanent reduction of the hair growth is also called photoepliaton.

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Photoepilation intresting facts presented by Seda from haarfreiheit

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The protein contained in the hair roots is specifically denatured by the warmth. Consequently the cell can’t regenerate and no longer produce new hair. The result is the permanent hair removal. The XENOgel Technology uses the already described SHR principle and combines its advantages with a skin-friendly crystal gel. This leads to an improvement of the light effect of the SHR device and simultaneously cools the skin. With this a maximum temperature of 45° Celsius is reached, which leads to a significant protection of the skin. The light can reach the hair root optimally. Less skin irritations and a better feeling – XENOgel Technology.

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The technology IPL uses light impulses, which follow each other very shortly. These have a duration of 2 to 300 milliseconds. With this process energy between 12 and 120 joules per cm² is released. The melanin inside the hair transmits the energy of the light to the hair roots. This energy is converted into warmth inside the hair roots, where temperatures between 65 and 72° Celsius are produced. Other cells within the skin also contain this dye. Those can absorb this energy and can sometimes lead to redness or swelling of the skin. As a supplier of all technologies, we of course offer the IPL technology, but we recommend the more gentle XENOgel method.

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The SHR technology has a different approach than the IPL method. The melanin only serves to 50% as the energy conductor. This technique also affects the stem cells of the hair, which are responsible for the hair growth itself. This is the significant difference between the IPL method, which uses its way only via the melanin. By dividing the energy, it is possible to work with far less energy, which leads to a significant improvement of the skin. Another important factor when using less energy is the painless treatment.

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Classic hair removal:
It won’t last!

The most classic method of shaving belongs to the category of
Waxing. This means the hair is shortened close to or just above the skin. The hair actually remains in the hair canal, the hair root remains intact and the hair can regrow. It comes quickly to the unwanted stubble


Whether disposable or gel razor, the result is temporary. In addition, there is a risk of blades causing cut injuries or cut pimples and skin elevations. This is not only painful but can also lead to inflammation and prolonged skin irritation. Particularly inaccessible or poorly visible body regions are difficult to shave and there is an increased risk of cuts.

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Depilatory Cream

The depilation cream is also part of the method of depilation, since the hair-dissolving active ingredients do not remain on the skin for as long as you can dissolve the hair to the root due to their aggressiveness. The hair ends just below the skin in the skin canal after treatment, which is why it may last a little longer than a shave. Nevertheless, many people are sensitive to depilatory creams and use them only in hard-to-reach places. Especially on sensitive skin such as the intimate area depilatory creams cause skin irritation, pimples, itching and redness and should not be used there. Also the exact treatment time described on the packaging must be adhered to, otherwise skin damage may occur.

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Since hair is plucked out:
The classic epilation

In classic epilation with a mechanical epilator, wax strips or sugaring, the hair is pulled out of the hair canal in its entirety. The hair root base (the hair-forming cells) have to put on a new hair and it takes some time for the new hair to grow out of the hair canal.

Even though photoepilation (the treatment of hair with light and laser) carries the word “epilation” at the end, this method has little in common with classic epilation. This is because the hair is not mechanically removed – on the contrary: energy is conveyed via the hair to the hair root cells, so proteins are denatured and the entire hair system is treated – the hair falls out and cannot regrow. This is a permanent* solution.

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Waxing is one of the best known depilatory methods available in different variations and products on the market. Different carrier materials and wax compositions help to pull out hair and thus a classic epilation method.

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Hot Wax

The heated wax has a pasty, slightly viscous consistency and is applied to the hairy body regions. In this state, it combines with the hair. The right temperature plays an important role – the wax must be warm enough to effectively enclose the hair, but must not be too hot to cause burns. The cooled wax is usually removed with a sticky cellular carrier (strip) together with the hair. The removal of the wax is usually felt as very painful because with a jerk many hairs anchored in the skin are pulled out of their hair channels.

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Cold Wax

Cold wax strips do not differ in the basic mechanics from warm wax strips also here the hair join with the wax mass and are then pulled out by the wax removal. The advantage here, the wax has a very low melting point and is applied in optimized quantities on a cellulose carrier (the strip). Do not worry about burns, the heat generated by light rubbing of the strips is enough to make the wax supple and adhesive. However, a strong feeling of pain often arises when pulling off.

Again, you can expect about 4 weeks of smooth skin – depending on how fast your hair grows.

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Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing is just a name of classic waxing methods in very special and intimate areas of the body. Most of the time hot wax is the fundament of the treatment – but with smaler stripes and a bit more gentle procedure overall.

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Using a mass of sugar, the hair is pulled out of the skin in a similar way to waxing. The sugar paste adheres to the hair and its surface in a pasty state and is removed after curing.

The time until the hair regrowth is like the other classic epilation methods about 4 weeks and must be repeated afterwards.

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