Needle epi­lation

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Hair removal techno­logy with elec­tricity

The term

The procedure of needle hair removal is also called electroepilation and is also one of the methods for permanent* hair removal and is offered at our institute in Karlsruhe. Unlike the other technologies we offer, however, this technology does not work with light, but with electricity. This is delivered via a fine needle. In contrast to light techniques, white and red hair can be treated without problems, as needle hair removal is not based on light wavelengths.

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Course of treat­ment


The root of each individual hair is also the target in electroepilation. A fine needle is inserted into each individual hair canal and pushed to the hair root. Once there, an electrical impulse is released to the root, which destroys the hair follicle. As a result, no hair can grow back. The treated hair is still present at the time of treatment and only needs to be pulled out with tweezers after the current impulse.

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Areas of appli­cation

The treatment is done on each hair individually. It is therefore possible to perform a treatment on every part of the body. Tattooed areas of the body are also not a problem for the needle epialtion. The skin is not affected or co-treated with this technique. Therefore, the color of the tattoos cannot be affected. This can react to heat in other technologies. This must be avoided in any case.

What do you need to think about?

Before the start of treat­ment

A precondition for treatment with needle hair removal is a certain length of hair. Because these have to be found by the therapist so that a precise treatment can be carried out on each hair. The minimum length is therefore 2-3mm. This length is also needed to pull out the hair after the current pulse using tweezers.

To allow this minimum length, it is advisable to refrain from epilating or waxing. This is because the hair will first be pulled out with the root and a treatment can then only be considered after another 4 weeks. Also in electroepilation, several sessions are needed to find each individual hair in the active phase.

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After the treat­ment phase

You should avoid both heat and moisture after the treatment has been performed. This should be adhered to within the next 72 hours. Because the skin is highly irritated by the treatment and needs to recover. This is why sunbathing irritates the skin more than is recommended in the resting phase. Therefore, avoid extensive sunbathing. Even 6 weeks later, excessive sunlight should be avoided. If this is unavoidable, we recommend a sunblocker.

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