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The occurrence of a coccyx fistula means a significant restriction in everyday life for every man. The healing process can take a long time. You can easily prevent this clinical picture with the help of permanent* hair removal at Haarfreiheit Karlsruhe.

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How does a coccyx fistula build

What is going on in the body?

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The hair is the cause

Hygiene is very important in the area of the buttocks, because dirt occurs there every day. But even with careful handling of hygiene, this is often not enough to prevent some diseases. The main problem is ingrown hairs. This also occurs with regular shaving of this area, because hair grows back quickly. And that regrowth increases the risk. Nothing else with waxing. It is often a coincidence whether the hair hits the hair canal right when it grows again or not and then grows in.

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Freedom in a new way!

Stop worrying about a coccyx fistula, live.

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Free your thoughts from the coccyx fistula

But if shaving and daily care may not help to avoid a coccyx fistula, how can you avoid it? Therefore there is the permanent* hair removal. The hair is permanently* removed and has no chance of growing in and causing problems. Due to our competence we can offer you all technologies available on the market. In particular, we recommend the XENOgel® Technology, which is available exclusively from us, as it is both effective and painless.

Get rid of worries with light

Competent service

We at Haarfreiheit regularly cooperate with different doctors, who are available to us as contact persons in medical matters. Due to her many years of experience in the medical field, she is an excellent help in the assessment of skin and hair types and the associated peculiarities.

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Freedom redefined

You can easily prevent inflammation of the hair with light and don’t worry about the coccyx fistula in the future thanks to Haarfreiheit. Find out more about the technology and the course of the treatment in your individual and free consultation at the Karlsruhe Institute.


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