Per­manent hair re­moval* for men in the  FACIAL AREA

A well-groomed beard at all times with the permanent * removal of hair at Haarfreiheit in Karlsruhe

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A beard should look perfect – no problem with our techno­logy

A beard is a fixed component of many men’s life. Individuality here is key. A particular look of the beard is very important. The look is best achieved with a treatment from Haarfreiheit Karlsruhe. We give you the opportunity to get rid of excess hair in the neck area forever, in just a few treatments. It creates a perfect contour.

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No great effort for a well groomed beard

The modern XENOgel® Technology and our numerous other techniques allow a perfect appearance without much effort. Unwanted hair can be effectively removed. Additionally, this technique is gentle to the skin. Modern technology helps you to achieve the perfect beard. Be yourself, no matter in which situation.

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Use precious time for your­self

To properly take care of a beard takes up a lot of time. We want you to have this time for yourself. Do not worry about annoying stubble, use your time for the important things in life. Not only you, but your skin as well, will be very grateful for that. Thanks to the advanced photoepilation technology a skin-friendly treatment is possible. This is the big difference to common methods. Stubbly hair is a thing of the past.

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Our medical staff will be happy to advise you comprehensively about our technologies and how you can achieve the perfect beard. Thanks to modern technology, your beard can look perfect every day, as if it had been freshly shaved. Be convinced by our medical staff and our professional service. Get rid of annoying, unwanted hair.

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Be convinced by our modern techno­logies in Karlsruhe

Permanent hair removal with light offers many different options to achieve the perfect beard. In order to provide you with the right technology, we offer you every technology available on the market. These include the innovative XENOgel® process, IPL, SHR and the alexandrite or diode laser. Together we will find the right technology for you, to free you from irritating hair painlessly and effectively. Benefit from our professional service and our methods, to offer you the perfect appearance. We will be pleased to inform you about all the possibilities in a non-binding and free consultation.


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