Hair removal for men in Karlsruhe | LEGS, FEET & TOES

Annoying shaving and the subsequent regrowth are now in the past, thanks to the permanent hair removal at the legs for men.

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Athletic & masculine appeal

Hair on legs

Many athletes nowadays resort to razors to get smooth legs. Whether swimmers, cyclists or athletes doing weight training, enjoy the benefits of permanent* hair removal as well. Methods as waxing or shaving are painful and time consuming. We are happy to advise you on one of our numerous methods of permanent* hair removal.

Hair on feet & toes

Not only men from fantasy worlds grow hair on their feet. The hair growth can occur on the back of the feet as well as on the toes. This is not only unattractive to look at, but can also be annoying. For example, when putting on socks, the hair can get caught and cause pinching. In addition, feet can also sweat. If the sweat gets caught in the hair on the feet, this is not only unpleasant to look at, but also reduces hygiene.

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The detail is crucial

The trend has already arrived by athletes. Smooth and athletic legs show trained legs optimally. But that’s not the only benefit which comes with a permanent* hair removal. It improves your sportiness, because missing hair reduces air or water resistance, which is a significant advantage for cyclists and swimmers. Be among the best, because you bring the best performance thanks to your training and the best physical conditions. Even when boxing smooth skin can be crucial, because the glove of the opponent can easily slip on smooth skin and give you an advantage.

Improving the healing process of wounds

Staying on the topic of sports, injuries are unavoidable. Especially when cycling it can lead to abrasions in a fall. Hair can complicate the first aid of wounds. With a permanent hair removal those areas are optimally accessible at all times. This reduces the risk of infection, because dirt particles can not attach to the hair.

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Bacteria on the legs have no chance

When exercising, sweating is given. The advantage of it should be that the skin is cooled. However, the sweat and dirt particles can get attached to hair. This is especially a pleasant atmosphere for bacteria. Of course this should be avoided. Constant cleaning and care are the results. Don’t offer any surface for the bacteria to attach and choose the permanent* hair removal. Look good and enjoy hygiene, thanks to the permanent* hair removal at Haarfreiheit Karlsruhe.

Protect your body

Many serious diseases are caused by ticks every year. It is important to discover them as soon as possible, for preventing such diseases. But especially with much body hair, this can be a problem. If you are often in nature, you can significantly benefit from a permanent* hair removal. Give your body the protection and learn more about our modern methods of photoepilation.

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