Hair removal for women on CHEST & AB­DOMEN

Silky-smooth skin on chest and abdomen – Haarfreiheit Karlsruhe makes your dream come true

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Get rid of annoy­ing hair on chest or ab­domen

Hair on women’s chest

Unfortunately, the phenomenon of chest hair growth is not exclusive to men. Some women may also experience this much to their displeasure. Increased hair growth in women is also known as hirsutism and is attributed to a higher proportion of male hormones in the female body.

Hair on the female belly

Unfortunately, hair growth on the stomach can also be a common occurrence in women. Especially when wearing tops in the summer, abdominal hair can become noticeable quickly, leading to discomfort. It is therefore more than understandable if these hairs are desired to be removed.

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How should the hair on the stomach and chest be removed?

To shave hair on the chest and stomach

To get rid of unwanted hair growth, many women turn to the razor. The biggest problem with this method is that it doesn’t promise permanent success. Surely, you also don’t want to worry about unwanted hair in the future. Our modern technology makes it possible.

Enjoy smooth skin every day

Smooth skin on the chest and stomach provides a pleasant sensation of cleanliness and freshness. Hair removal in these areas accentuates natural beauty and ensures a well-groomed appearance. Enjoy the smooth skin feeling and the increased confidence that a hair-free chest and stomach bring.

State-of-the-art technology for smooth skin on the belly and the chest

Our broad range of photoepilation technologies allows us to fulfill this desire for you. We prioritize gentle and pain-free procedures, providing you with the desired results in just a few treatments. Whether it’s the removal of hair on the stomach or chest, we offer the suitable solution for you to feel entirely comfortable in your skin. Our experienced and friendly team in Karlsruhe is always available to assist you, offering individualized advice to meet your needs.

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Feel good with the most modern technology in Karlsruhe

Not only is shaving annoying but also the constant itching due to irritated skin is very unpleasant. Those effects of shaving belong to the past now. Our proven XENOgel® Technology is able to free you of disturbing hair growth, both quickly and effectively. Feel good, always.

Be con­vinced by our techno­logies for removal of hair on the chest and belly

Especially the XENOgel® method, developed by us, frees you reliably from unpleasant hairs. Besides its effectiveness, this method is especially gentle on the skin. The best part is, it is completely painless. Our medical staff is looking forward to personally advise you to find the right technology for you. Be convinced by our professionalism and our excellent service.

Best results – per­fect skin

No more unwanted hair in the area of the chest and abdomen. This applies to summer and also winter days. No matter the situation, thanks to smooth, flawless skin you don’t ever have to worry. Permanent* hair removal is possible on all parts of the body. Best results in just a few treatments.

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