Permanent* smooth LEGS without hair

Perfect skin – a dream comes true with the help of our technologies. As an expert, we offer you all the techniques available on the market concerning permanent* hair removal with light. Together we will find the right technology for your needs.

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Smooth legs – anytime

Perfect aesthetics

Smooth legs haven been and still are the dream of every woman. Therefore it is not surprising that almost every woman removes bothersome hair on her leg. This is not only extremely time consuming but causes itching and skin irritations as well. Ingrown hair is also very common.

Glatte Beine durch Rasieren?

Daily effort in leg shaving

Shaving the legs is a common method to achieve silky-smooth skin. Many women regularly use razors to remove unwanted hair from their legs and maintain an aesthetic appearance. However, this method requires frequent repetition as the hair regrows shortly after. Shaving provides an immediate solution but is not permanent. Various techniques and products are available on the market to facilitate shaving and minimize skin irritation.

Stubble and pimples on the legs

Despite regular shaving, inevitable stubble remains, and the continuous stress on the skin can lead to irritation and the formation of pimples. Discover a long-term solution at Haarfreiheit in Karlsruhe that offers permanently smooth legs without the daily effort and unwanted side effects of shaving.

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What should I wear today?

Does your leg hair prohibit yourself from wearing what you actually want to? For example, a dress or shorts which are perfect for going to the swimming pool or a vacation. The reason for this decision is often the lack of time, so you cannot shave your legs properly. Thanks to permanent* hair removal, you can wear what you want, when you want. Painful methods like waxing are not necessary anymore. One of our painless methods is the best choice.

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The technology for the removal of leg hair

Cold light stands for painless hair removal

Our technologies use cold light and therefore enable an extremely gentle treatment. During the treatment you can completely relax. Our painless hair removal methods save you the daily effort of shaving, forever. Experience freedom.

Aesthetic redefined

With smooth legs you automatically are the centre of attention. We can make this possible with our effective and gentle light technology. Silky smooth legs no matter what situation. To learn more about the revolutionary technologies, we offer you a free consultation, in which we will answer all your questions. Our medical staff is always there you.

How much does leg laser treatment cost?

Our prices depend on the body zone, whether you choose permanent* hair removal on the lower legs only or if you want completely smooth skin on your entire legs. You can find more details on our price page. It is also possible to calculate prices for a combination of several body zones.


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