Hair removal for women

Smooth skin in the facial area – no matter where – here you are at the best address

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Upper Lip treatment

Soft skin on the face without a lady’s beard

Smooth skin in the facial area no matter where – here you are at the best address.

Excessive hair growth on chin and cheeks

It’s quite common for women to have excessive hair growth in the facial area. Often in the area of the lower jaw or on the upper lip rather dark hair can appear. Those hairs are not only visible every time you look in the mirror, but also for every other person you meet.

Especially hair in the facial area can not be covered by clothing and therefore are always visible. For yourself and for others. This can be very unpleasant for every affected woman, because a beard is more masculine and can restrict the carefree female appearance in all life situations.

Avoid wasting time

The woman is forced to shave off her hair, to enjoy a well-groomed appearance. Many even pluck hairs in those areas, since shaving takes a lot of time. However, the plucking has the great disadvantage that it is very painful and takes even more time than just shaving.

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Free from small hairs and downy hairs on the face

The time required with the razor

Besides the additional time and the often painful process, all of those methods, as shaving, waxing, plucking or epilation, have one thing in common. They only last a limited time. Regardless if its shaving or plucking. In the former method the hair grows back after a short time, when plucking it takes a little longer.

Stubble and shaving pimples

The additional negative side effect is the formation of unsightly stubble. This can be very frustrating for the affected woman. Therefore, it became a daily task for every woman to ensure smooth skin in on the face. In addition, a look in the mirror before leaving you own four walls is an unpleasant duty.

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The temporary methods of hair removal

Skin reddening is not uncommon among the temporary removal methods mentioned. Ingrown hair is also not seldom and often leads to inflammation, which has a further negative impact on the complexion and is in no way in the interest of any woman.

Consequently, shaving or epilation causes additional problems to fight with. You already wondered how to solve those problems? Keep your skin smooth and naturally radiant without such problems. We tackle every problem literally by the root. The permanent* hair removal with light and its effect on the hair roots make it possible.

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All techniques – all pos­si­bil­ities

Laser ladie’s beard

The hair removal with light or laser is modern and trend-setting. That’s the reason why this technology is constantly evolving. The numerous innovations in this area show the effectiveness and the associated enthusiasm of each individual customer, which can finally be permanently* freed from unwanted hair growth.

Advanced hair removal with XENOgel® Technology

We offer you in particular exclusively the XENOgel® Technology. This technique is revolutionary, since it is able to make the permanent* hair removal effective and painless. Furthermore, it is especially gentle on the skin.

The reason is the crystal gel, which is used in every treatment. It both optimizes the lighting effect enormously and simultaneously cools the skin. This way it significantly lowers the risk of skin redness, which may appear with other technologies.

The well-known IPL hair removal

Another technology which is very common those days, is the IPL method. The abbreviation stands for “intense pulsed light”. This refers to the high energy that is emitted with every flash of light. With this method the tissue is relatively strongly heated up.

The diode laser belongs to one of our available technologies, which works with bundled light. This laser is characterized by working at an exact wavelength of 808 nm. Due to the bundling basically every hair can be treated individually. Thanks to the specific wavelength, the energy of the light can be efficiently directed to the hair root.


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